Source code for evalml.exceptions.exceptions

[docs]class MethodPropertyNotFoundError(Exception): """Exception to raise when a class is does not have an expected method or property.""" pass
[docs]class PipelineNotFoundError(Exception): """An exception raised when a particular pipeline is not found in automl search results""" pass
[docs]class ObjectiveNotFoundError(Exception): """Exception to raise when specified objective does not exist.""" pass
[docs]class IllFormattedClassNameError(Exception): """Exception to raise when a class name does not comply with EvalML standards""" pass
[docs]class MissingComponentError(Exception): """An exception raised when a component is not found in all_components()""" pass
[docs]class ComponentNotYetFittedError(Exception): """An exception to be raised when predict/predict_proba/transform is called on a component without fitting first.""" pass
[docs]class PipelineNotYetFittedError(Exception): """An exception to be raised when predict/predict_proba/transform is called on a pipeline without fitting first.""" pass
[docs]class AutoMLSearchException(Exception): """Exception raised when all pipelines in an automl batch return a score of NaN for the primary objective.""" pass
[docs]class EnsembleMissingPipelinesError(Exception): """An exception raised when an ensemble is missing `estimators` (list) as a parameter.""" pass
[docs]class PipelineScoreError(Exception): """An exception raised when a pipeline errors while scoring any objective in a list of objectives. Arguments: exceptions (dict): A dictionary mapping an objective name (str) to a tuple of the form (exception, traceback). All of the objectives that errored will be stored here. scored_successfully (dict): A dictionary mapping an objective name (str) to a score value. All of the objectives that did not error will be stored here. """ def __init__(self, exceptions, scored_successfully): self.exceptions = exceptions self.scored_successfully = scored_successfully # Format the traceback message exception_list = [] for objective, (exception, tb) in exceptions.items(): exception_list.append(f"{objective} encountered {str(exception.__class__.__name__)} with message ({str(exception)}):\n") exception_list.extend(tb) message = "\n".join(exception_list) self.message = message super().__init__(message)
[docs]class DataCheckInitError(Exception): """Exception raised when a data check can't initialize with the parameters given."""
[docs]class NullsInColumnWarning(UserWarning): """Warning thrown when there are null values in the column of interest"""
class ObjectiveCreationError(Exception): """Exception when get_objective tries to instantiate an objective and required args are not provided."""