Source code for evalml.pipelines.components.transformers.preprocessing.text_transformer

"""Base class for all transformers working with text features."""
from evalml.pipelines.components.transformers import Transformer

[docs]class TextTransformer(Transformer): """Base class for all transformers working with text features. Args: component_obj (obj): Third-party objects useful in component implementation. Defaults to None. random_seed (int): Seed for the random number generator. Defaults to 0. """ def __init__(self, component_obj=None, random_seed=0, **kwargs): parameters = {} parameters.update(kwargs) super().__init__( parameters=parameters, component_obj=component_obj, random_seed=random_seed, ) def _get_text_columns(self, X): """Returns the ordered list of columns names in the input which have been designated as text columns.""" return list("NaturalLanguage", return_schema=True).columns)