evalml.pipelines.utils.make_pipeline_from_components(component_instances, problem_type, custom_name=None, random_state=None, random_seed=0)[source]
Given a list of component instances and the problem type, an pipeline instance is generated with the component instances.

The pipeline will be a subclass of the appropriate pipeline base class for the specified problem_type. The pipeline will be untrained, even if the input components are already trained. A custom name for the pipeline can optionally be specified; otherwise the default pipeline name will be ‘Templated Pipeline’.

  • component_instances (list) – a list of all of the components to include in the pipeline

  • problem_type (str or ProblemTypes) – problem type for the pipeline to generate

  • custom_name (string) – a name for the new pipeline

  • random_state (int) – Deprecated. Use random_seed instead.

  • random_seed – Random seed used to intialize the pipeline.