evalml.preprocessing.split_data(X, y, problem_type, problem_configuration=None, test_size=0.2, random_seed=0)[source]

Splits data into train and test sets.

  • X (pd.DataFrame or np.ndarray) – data of shape [n_samples, n_features]

  • y (pd.Series, or np.ndarray) – target data of length [n_samples]

  • problem_type (str or ProblemTypes) – type of supervised learning problem. see evalml.problem_types.problemtype.all_problem_types for a full list.

  • problem_configuration (dict) – Additional parameters needed to configure the search. For example, in time series problems, values should be passed in for the date_index, gap, and max_delay variables.

  • test_size (float) – What percentage of data points should be included in the test set. Defaults to 0.2 (20%).

  • random_seed (int) – Seed for the random number generator. Defaults to 0.


Feature and target data each split into train and test sets

Return type

pd.DataFrame, pd.DataFrame, pd.Series, pd.Series