evalml.utils.save_plot(fig, filepath=None, format='png', interactive=False, return_filepath=False)[source]

Saves fig to filepath if specified, or to a default location if not.

  • fig (Figure) – Figure to be saved.

  • filepath (str or Path, optional) – Location to save file. Default is with filename “test_plot”.

  • format (str) – Extension for figure to be saved as. Ignored if interactive is True and fig

  • of type plotly.Figure. Defaults to 'png'. (is) –

  • interactive (bool, optional) – If True and fig is of type plotly.Figure, saves the fig as interactive

  • of static (instead) –

  • format will be set to 'html'. Defaults to False. (and) –

  • return_filepath (bool, optional) – Whether to return the final filepath the image is saved to. Defaults to False.


String representing the final filepath the image was saved to if return_filepath is set to True. Defaults to None.