PipelineBase.__init__(component_graph, parameters=None, custom_name=None, custom_hyperparameters=None, random_seed=0)[source]

Machine learning pipeline made out of transformers and a estimator.

  • component_graph (list or dict) – List of components in order. Accepts strings or ComponentBase subclasses in the list. Note that when duplicate components are specified in a list, the duplicate component names will be modified with the component’s index in the list. For example, the component graph [Imputer, One Hot Encoder, Imputer, Logistic Regression Classifier] will have names [“Imputer”, “One Hot Encoder”, “Imputer_2”, “Logistic Regression Classifier”]

  • parameters (dict) – Dictionary with component names as keys and dictionary of that component’s parameters as values. An empty dictionary or None implies using all default values for component parameters. Defaults to None.

  • custom_name (str) – Custom name for the pipeline. Defaults to None.

  • custom_hyperparameters (dict) – Custom hyperparameter range for the pipeline. Defaults to None.

  • random_seed (int) – Seed for the random number generator. Defaults to 0.