ARIMARegressor.__init__(date_index=None, trend='n', p=1, d=0, q=0, random_seed=0, **kwargs)[source]
  • date_column (str) – Specifies the name of the column in X that provides the datetime objects. Defaults to None.

  • trend (str) – Controls the deterministic trend. Options are [‘n’, ‘c’, ‘t’, ‘ct’] where ‘c’ is a constant term, ‘t’ indicates a linear trend, and ‘ct’ is both. Can also be an iterable when defining a polynomial, such as [1, 1, 0, 1].

  • p (int or list(int)) – Autoregressive order.

  • d (int) – Differencing degree.

  • q (int or list(int)) – Moving Average order.